Translation of "Careless Whisper”'s
French Cover

French Version

Murmur of spring
So soft that the snow still sparkles
In a rustling of wings
Barely perceptible
To our secret frolic
In the crazy [race/swift passage] of time

Must I tell this sad story
Of a life whose end is hidden
In a hopeless lie
Abandon(ment) or torpor?
A desire now and forever unquenched
The brush of vanilla skin
Anguish of a future so undecided
Which so tormented, cannot write itself

Lost tears from the skies
Reflected in the shadow of your eyes
Dreams of bodies emblazed (with passion)/on fire*
The truth of tears from the soul
The sky lets drop** its troubles (pains)
To the rhythm of my agony

And if this sun which caresses
Our bodies yet so intoxicated
Spoke to me of a serenity
Without giving (fore) sight to its pre-determinated end
And of your leaving as if in exodus
Make it so all that's in me erodes
A trick for survival
Remains for me

So much bitterness
That in the waning/falling light
One by one sparkle salted gems

*”Dream of bodies in flames”

**”Egrene” in a agricultural sense, to drop off the bunch

  copyright © 2004 N'deye.