N'Deye Sally/Isaac Mounguen Ndom
Music:Amir Mohammed

Hola amigos, hola: te voy a contar una historia de amor que se pasaba in Miami , Florida (okay? Escucha)

My man and I don't always see eye to eye
But love ain't easy so I've got to try
Took a bus in Savannah , Georgia
To where palm trees dance in the sky

Never thought I'll touch you baby
With all of your bright lights
All these colors drive you crazy
Mariachis playing all nights
Never thought I'd see Miami
With all of the bright lights
All these colors drive me crazy
Mariachis playing all nights

RAP: Tropicana, morenita, such a caliente mamacita (BabyI'm yours tonight) 2x
And I don't even talk Spanish but dammit
The way that she has it got me feelin mannish 2x
Like: Morenita do what you do
I love it when you do me like only you could
And I love it when you do it like only you should
Cause you know you do it good (come on girl)

This city's so pretty and mesmerizing
Should've known it was too good to be true
My man drinks way too much coronas and limes
What am I going to do?

Cubanos treating like nothing
Calling me la negrita
Boricuas look at me funny
Cause I'm from Africa
Repeat : Never thought I'd see Miami …

Tropicana, Morenita, such a caliente mamacita (Baby, baby tonight)
Tropicana, morenita, don't you ever leave me mamacita (Baby baby tonight)
Tropicana, morenita don't you know I love you mamacita (Baby I'm yours tonight)
Tropicana, morenita, come have a glass of margarita a a a aaa (arriba)

The sun is pink and the leaves are green
Things aren't always what they seem
My skin's too brown the sky's true blue
It seems my dreams are coming unglued

Repeat hook

Tropicana, morenita such a caliente mamacita

Baby baby tonight 2x
Baby I'm gone tonight….


  copyright © 2004 N'deye.